Dekonstruct is a collective project which presents various photographical visions, each personal but also related to the location visited : deserted or dismantling buildings.

This project involves the seeking of location which could correspond to a certain form of aesthetics linked to time damages; nevertheless our different explorations are each time affected by the unknown as each intrusion reveals his bunch of surprises.

This quest for revelations brings us to travel to various regions such as the North of France or Belgium , quite rich of industrial wild lands.
These deserted places are always evolving and are irreparably on the way to disappear in the near future. Consequently the visit of each place cannot be done without thinking of its history, but it is not the main approach of our scheme.

Our first aim is to highlight the plastic side in our pictures by playing with forms, textures, structures and colours.

In order to do that, we are not reluctant to glorify the sites through our meditative, not descriptive, perception.
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